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Seunghee Kim, Animation Filmmaker

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(b.1985) Seunghee Kim has pursued her career as an animation filmmaker since 2014. Her two animated shorts, Mirror in Mind(2014) and SimSim(2017) were presented at numerous international film festivals. In 2018, she was an invited artist in residence at Cité Internationale des Arts in Paris, France, with the support from Samsung Cultural Foundation. Her latest animated documentary short, Tiger and Ox, won Grand Jury Prize(Animated Short) at AFI Fest 2020 and has released as The New York Times Op-Docs Series in 2021.



2021 Soul Connection, Commissioned
2019 Tiger and Ox, Animated Documentary Short
2019 For Vagina's Sake, Feature Documentary - Animation Director
2017 SimSim, Animated Short
2016 Women Make Great Films, Commissioned
2014 Mirror in Mind, Animated Short

Awards and Grants

2021 Goldy Mars, Film Production Grant, Seoul Animation Center(South Korea)
2021 Tiger and Ox, Special Mention, 2ANNAS Riga International Short Film Festival(Latvia)
2020 Tiger and Ox, Grand Jury Prize - Animated Short (Academy Qualifying Award), 34th AFI FEST*(US) 
2020 Tiger and Ox, Jury Prize Best Korean Short, 22nd Bucheon International Animation Festival*(South Korea) 
2020 Tiger and Ox, Honourable Mention Aniamasian Award, 24th Toronto Reel Asian Film Festival(Canada) 
2020 Tiger and Ox, NETPAC Award, 37th Busan International Short Film Festival*(South Korea) 
2020 Tiger and Ox, Special Mention Best Asian Short, 22nd Seoul International Women’s Film Festival(South Korea) 
2020 Tiger and Ox, Grand Jury Prize, 2nd Pyeongchang Int. Peace Film Festival(South Korea) 
2020 Tiger and Ox, Audience Jury Award, 13th Seoul Senior Film Festival(South Korea) 
2020 Tiger and Ox, Film Distribution Grant, Creative Economy & Innovation Busan Center(South Korea)
2018 SimSim, Silver Prize, DigiCon6 ASIA Korea Regional Awards(South Korea and Japan) 
2018 SimSim, Best Experimental Film, Boomtown Film and Music Festival(US) 
2017 Tiger and Ox, Film Production Grant, Seoul Animation Center(South Korea)
2017 Simsim, Jury's Choice Award, Black Maria Film Festival(US) 
2017 Simsim, Best Short-short, St. Cloud Film Festival(US)
2017 Simsim, Cinecube Award for Creative Film, Asiana International Short Film Festival(South Korea) 
2017 Simsim, Special Mention - Best Experimental Art Film, Girona Film Festival(Spain) 
2017 Simsim, Prize for Independent Walk, Indie-AniFest(South Korea) 
2017 Simsim, Honorable mention - Best Stop-Motion Film, Florida Animation Festival(US) 
2017 Simsim, Film Distribution Grant, Creative Economy & Innovation Busan Center(South Korea)
2015 Simsim, Film Production Grant, Korea Creative Content Agency(South Korea)
2015 Mirror in Mind, Excellence Award for Best Picture, Busan International Short Film Festival*(South Korea) 
2015 Mirror in Mind, Best Non-narrative Animation, ANIMA - Córdoba International Animation Festival(Argentina) 
2015 Mirror in Mind, Best Animated Short, IndieMemphis(US) 
2015 Mirror in Mind, Sungjoo First Prize, SEOUL International Women's Film Festival(South Korea) 
2015 Mirror in Mind, Best Animated Short, Albany Film Fest(US)
2015 Mirror in Mind, Special Prize For Best Debut Film, Indie-AniFest(South Korea) 
2015 Mirror in Mind, 1st place winner in Experimental or Music video Category, Boomtown Film and Music Festival(US)
2015 Mirror in Mind, 3rd placed in Audience Choice Awards, Aurora Picture Show's Extremely Shorts Film Festival(US)
2015 Mirror in Mind, Special mentioned for deep vision of feminine mind, Multivision-The International Festival of Animation Arts(Russia)
2014 Mirror in Mind, Innovation award, No Budget Film Festival(US)


2021 Tiger and Ox, Acquisition by The New York Times Op-Docs, Online screening on NYT Opinion section Op-Docs (Released on 10 Feb, 2021. Available here:


2018 Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris, France (Supported by Samsung Culture Foundation)

Selected Screening and Group Exhibitions

2023 Impure Destruction, Sweet Embrace, Group exhibition, Onsu Gonggan, Seoul, Korea
2021 Tiger and Ox, ha-ha-ha haus, Group exhibition, Suwon Museum of Art, Suwon, Korea
2020 Tiger and Ox, AFI FEST, Animated Shorts, CA, US
2020 Tiger and Ox, DOK Leipzig Intl. Documentary and Animated Film Festival, Intl. Competition Short Film, Germany
2020 Tiger and Ox, Palm Springs International Short Fest, Best Documentary Short, CA, US
2019 Mirror in Mind, Image, Silhouette, and Motion, Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art, Ansan, South Korea
2018 SimSim, Slamdance, Animated Shorts Competition, UT, US
2017 SimSim, Leeds International Film Festival, Animated Shorts Competition, Leeds, UK
2017 SimSim, Florida Film Festival, International Animated Shorts, FL, US
2016 Mirror in Mind, Slamdance, Animated Shorts Competition, UT, US
2015 Mirror in Mind, Ann Arbor Film Festival, Animated Films in Competition, Ann Arbor Film Festival, MI, US
2015 Mirror in Mind, Annecy Intl. Animation Festival, Short FIlms out of Competition, Annecy, France

Invited Public Talks

30 Apr 2022 Round table1 - Korean Short Films : Current Status and Prospect of Globalization, Busan International Short Film Festival, South Korea
15 Feb 2022 KDN Docs Table: Animation and Documentary, Korean Documentary Network, South Korea
11 Nov 2021 Filmmaking: From Budgeting to Self-Distributing, PyeongChang International Peace Film Festival, South Korea
09 Oct 2021 Turning Prison to Fortress; with the screening Mustang, Busan International Film Festival; Community BIFF, South Korea
19 Jul 2020 DIY Film Self-Distribution Workshop, Women's Film Group, Seoul Acceleration Center for Gender Equity, South Korea
4 Dec 2020 Artist Talk, 5th THE CMR:Directors Week, South Korea
30 Nov 2019 Director Spotlight: How to Make an Animated Short, Seoul Best of the best Animation Film Festival, South Korea
17 May 2019 DIY Film Self-Distribution Workshop, Korean Independent Animation Filmmakers Association, South Korea


2021 Juror for Graduation, TV&Commissioned Film, Korean Short Film Competitions, 23rd Bucheon International Animation Festival, South Korea
2021 Selection committee for Asian Animation Competition, 17th Indie-Anifest, South Korea
2019 Juror for Experimental Film and Music Video competition, Boomtown Film and Music Festival, US

Periodicals (Magazines and Webzines)

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